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Driveways 2Day has been providing quality residential and commercial road paving services, driveway services, and so much more for many years. We are in the Frederick, MD area but serve several areas in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Our experts are at the top of the industry as we break the boundaries of traditional road paving services. There are many of our competitors that exclusively provide asphalt and concrete services. We do things differently here. We know that our customers have vastly different needs and styles, so we provide other materials such as pavers, millings, and tar/chip products for our services.

Our customers are our highest priority, and we work hard to keep you happy and well-served. To do this we provide quality workmanship and customer service. Choose our team at Driveways 2Day to experience the highest quality road paving services in the area. Contact us to get started.

What Do You Mean by Road Paving?

Road paving is a general term for road maintenance, repair, and replacement. Roads experience daily wear and tear, damage from changing weather, damage from severe storms, and many other hazards. While roads are built to withstand these hazards, sometimes roads need some additional attention to fix a pothole or even out a bump. Our road paving services can help to get your road back to new, whether it just needs some light maintenance or needs to be completely replaced. It’s one of our specialties. Contact us next time you have a road on your property that needs some well-deserved TLC.

Road Paving Services in Frederick, Md

Types of Pavement Methods Used in Road Construction

In road paving, there are two main types of pavement methods used: rigid pavement and flexible pavement. Additionally, there are many materials and substances that you can use to pave a road, but the most common materials are concrete road paving and asphalt road paving.

Rigid Pavement

A rigid pavement means there is usually only layer. Most often, this layer is made of concrete. When our team at Driveways 2Day constructs a rigid pavement, we lay a in-situ concrete slab over a granular subbase. Often our experts will install joints in the concrete to avoid cracking or extreme wear and tear. Rigid pavement is a common method used here in the United States, and can be found in most of our airports, freeways, and other high-traffic urban areas. Rigid pavement can last up to 40 years.

Flexible Pavement

Flexible payment usually consists of several layers. They’re often made of asphalt and sometimes used in more rural areas for gravel roads.

These pavements are created by laying a base course on top of the subbase. Atop the base course a surface course is laid, and lastly a surface dressing is laid to complete the road.

What Is Used to Pave Roads

There are several different kinds of road pavement methods and surfaces that pavement contractors use, including:

  • Surface dressing – When an existing road needs some TLC to extend its life, we often use surface dressing. We use a substance such as liquid bitumen to prevent potholes and reduce slipperiness.
  • Micro-surfacing – In some cases we might use micro-surfacing. This means we add an additional asphalt protective seal coating to the road which then seals any existing cracks and prevents new cracks forming.
  • Pavement slurry seal – This is the process of mixing bitumen emulsion, aggregate and water and then applying the mixture to an uneven or bumpy road. This mixture lays evenly on the existing road properly smoothing it out.
  • Re-tread – The re-tread method is a bit of a more aggressive method. This involves taking the existing surface layer of the pavement and recycling it. We do this by mixing it with the same substance used for surface dressing, liquid bitumen, and then relaying it. After it is relayed, we apply a protective sealant over to further protect the road from further damage.
  • Road renewal – This is the complete removal and replacement of an existing road. This happens when the damage is too far gone, or the road isn’t structurally sound. The existing layers are removed and replaced with new and improved pavement.

Driveways 2Day – The Future of Pavements

At Driveways 2Day, we are consistently and progressively finding ways to improve the future of pavements and driveways. We are seeking and adopting more affordable and sustainable road construction methods. These options that would be the best for the industry and the community involve finding ways to reduce maintenance needs, increase payment life, and make them less susceptible and vulnerable to climate change damage. By improving our methods in these three areas, we could start to see some real change in the way the road paving industry is run and how it affects our community.

Why Choose Driveways 2Day

When you choose Driveways 2Day as your road paving contractor, you are choosing a better now and a better future. With our reputation for incredible professionalism, reliability and attention to detail, our customers enjoy quality services near them in Frederick, MD. For incredible and affordable services such as these, contact our team right away. We’ll have you rolling again in no time. Our commercial and residential services include:

Residential Driveway Repair Services in Frederick, MD We carry out projects all over Greater Maryland, in cities and towns including:
  • Frederick, MD
  • Jefferson, MD
  • Mount Airy, MD
  • Ijamsville, MD
  • Germantown, MD
  • Woodsboro, MD
  • Middleton, MD
  • New Market, MD
  • Gaithersburg, MD
  • Thurmont, MD

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