Asphalt Driveway Repairs

Expert Driveway Repairs on Frederick, MD Properties

Asphalt is one of the most durable paving surfaces for years. While applying a seal coating and keeping up with basic maintenance tasks help keep the need for repairs at bay, time, weather, and traffic cause wear and damage to your asphalt driveway. The experienced team at Driveways 2Day in Frederick, MD can fix cracks and dents quickly and affordably for homes all over Greater Maryland. Asphalt repairs are simple to carry out when you call a professional expert like us. We’ll assess the damaged area and take care of it in a short time. Best of all, the paved surface is immediately usable once we finish the repairs. Whether it’s patching holes or resurfacing the whole driveway, your asphalt issues are in good hands with our professional and dependable team of skilled workers.

Asphalt Driveway Repairs in Frederick

Do I Need Repairs or Replacement?

There are several signs to keep an eye out for. While asphalt driveways are durable and last a long time, they do require maintenance and a careful eye to reach their potential. Think of your driveway as a car. You might drive a model that enables you to drive it well past 200,000 miles, but only if you’ve kept up with oil changes and other maintenance tasks. A driveway is no different. So what should you look for?

  • Surface cracks: Whether we repair sections of your driveway or replace it altogether depends on the size of the cracks. Anything smaller than ¼” wide is probably fixable, but if they are broader than that, it could spell trouble.
  • Potholes: Potholes aren’t just an unpleasant sight. One of the biggest dangers they pose is the possibility that rainwater might seep under the foundation of the driveway. If this has happened, it could require a replacement. If not, then we can fill the pothole. Potholes are especially problematic for commercial property owners.
  • Stains and faded color: Stains and fading don’t require a replacement driveway. Instead, a simple seal coating will get the job done. Fortunately, our team has over ten years providing seal coating services to Frederick, MD residents and business owners.
  • Collecting water: If water is collecting in spots on your driveway and not draining as it should, it could be a sign of something more significant than a simple fix. However, we won’t know until we’re able to investigate.
  • Structural damage on the edges: While this problem doesn’t require a full-scale replacement, the only way we can address it is to install new asphalt.

I Need A Replacement Driveway. What’s Next?

Here’s the good news. Driveways 2Day is a family-owned and -operated driveway service company, and we’re proud of our reputation for delivering honest and thorough service to our customers. Our team knows how to determine whether you need a replacement driveway. In many cases, we can patch problem areas, apply seal coating, or partially restore your driveway. One thing we won’t do is perform an unnecessary or dishonest replacement. If we do recommend a replacement, we guarantee our experience and commitment to quality will:

  • Result in a solid foundation: Without one, your driveway will sink into the ground underneath. We take great care to keep that from happening. We won’t cut corners.
  • Allow for heavy loads: We make sure you and your family members can drive heavy trucks or SUVs on the driveway for years without damaging the surface.
  • Take tree roots into account: If trees line your driveway, then we’ll have to make sure the driveway won’t be damaged as the roots grow larger. Many paving companies don’t consider this, and the result is more expensive for the customer down the road.

How Do I Prevent Future Damage To My Driveway?

Fortunately, while driveway repairs and eventually, replacement, are inevitable, there are things you can do to ensure they last as long as possible. From investing in our seal coating technology to regularly inspecting the driveway, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent full-scale driveway replacement:

  • Remove stains immediately
  • Try to avoid deicing chemicals
  • Patch small holes immediately; they can grow larger
  • Try to minimize the amount of water on the driveway

Contact Driveways 2Day To Get Started with Repairs

Driveways 2Day is proud of our reputation for providing honest and forthright driveway repair and replacement services. When it comes to driveways, many of our clients need expert input. We will never be dishonest with you. Instead, we’ll assess the situation and recommend the most prudent course of action possible. We’ve been doing things this way for over ten years, and we’re proud to say we’ve built relationships with more clients than we can count along the way.

For asphalt paving, repair, replacement, and seal coating services, give us a call at (443) 280-6126. Once you’re in contact with us, we’ll get started on the project.

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